Did you know? Make the space smaller for your puppy ...



The good news is that dogs are naturally clean animals and puppies will actually try very hard not to soil their eating or sleeping spaces. As soon as they can crawl, they leave the whelping box and do their business in front of it. They have a solid understanding that there are areas for sleeping, eating, playing and going potty.

Make the Space Smaller

For a puppy, a home is a very large, confusing space. In puppy's mind, inside their new big home, there are many different eating, sleeping, playing and bathroom places. Therefore it is actually difficult for them to differentiate between indoor and outdoor, and where they are not allowed to potty anywhere indoor.

This is why one of the easiest and most successful ways to potty-train a puppy is to “make the house smaller” for your pup—if they don’t have a complete run of the house, they won’t be able to randomly wander into another room when they need to pee. If you can, try to have them only in your living room, and keep them in a playpen. This way they will be much less likely to potty in this smaller space.

As your puppy gets older and used to holding it or letting you know when it’s time to go, you can expand their access to the house one extra room at a time.


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